Installation for administrators

Overview of license types

Administrators manage three types of licenses, according to the subscription type.

  • User licenses
  • Standalone (device-based) licenses
  • Network licenses

Each license type is authenticated differently.

  • User licenses, based on the customer’s Autodesk ID, are automatically authenticated when the customer first runs a product after signing in to Autodesk Account.
  • Standalone licenses are tied to specific devices and use serial numbers. When customers first run the product, standalone licenses are authenticated either silently by Autodesk servers or when customers are prompted to enter a serial number.
  • Network licenses, managed with Network License Manager (NLM) software, are authenticated by preconfigured network license servers. Sometimes, customers may be asked to give license server information when they first run a product.

You can identify the license type for each product in the All Products and Services section of Autodesk Account.